Fundamentals of Computer Technology (780002) course 2023/24.
English Group, Grados en Ing. Informática, Ing. de Computadores y Doble Grado en Ing. Informática y Administración y Dirección de Empresas

Escuela Politécnica

Universidad de Alcalá


Presentation and Program

Continuous Evaluation Dates
-Exam 1 (Units 2 and 3.1, Exercises Unit 2 and 3.1-3.7 - 2 points):   October 24th (12h at NA6)
-Exam 2 (Units 1, 2 and 3 - 4 points):   November 21th
-Exam 3 (Units 4 and 5 - 4 points):   January 19th, 14:30h, NA2,5,6,7,8

Dates of Laboratory Practices

Press news (Spanish)

Theory. Tuesdays 12-14h at NA6, starting on September 12th

Unit 1. Introduction    

Unit 2. Binary Numbering Systems
Exercices Unit 2

Unit 3.1 Introduction to Combinational Systems. Boolean Algebra
Unit 3.2 Combinational Circuits
Exercices Unit 3

Unit 4.1. Sequential Systems. Introduction and basic circuits
Unit 4.2. Sequential Systems Design.
Exercices Unit 4

Unit 5. Memory System.
Exercices Unit 5

Laboratory. Tuesdays 10-12h at OL24, starting on September 26th

Practice 1. Basic Concepts
Supplementary material:   Use of Equipment   Digital Circuits

Practice 2. Introduction to digital integrated circuits. The adder

Practice 3. Combinational circuits SPANISH
Practice 3. Combinational circuits. ENGLISH

Practice 4. Sequential Systems SPANISH
Practice 4. Sequential Systems ENGLISH

Supplementary material:   555 Timer Datasheet

Necessary material for all practices - SPANISH.