Computer Science (Informática)
English Group, Grado en Ingeniería en Electrónica y Automática Industrial

Course 2018/19
Escuela Politécnica

Universidad de Alcalá


Presentation and Program

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Theory. Thursday 10-12h at OA1

Unit 1. Computer Structure and Functioning    

Unit 2. Information Representation

Unit 3. Operating Systems

Unit 4.1 Introduction to C programming language

Unit 4.2 Data types in C

Unit 4.3 Standard Input/Output

Unit 4.4 Operators and Expressions

Unit 4.5 Control Flow

Unit 4.6 Functions

Unit 4.7 Arrays

Unit 4.8 Pointers

Unit 4.9 Structures, Unions and Bit-Fields

Unit 4.10 Input/Output with Files

Unit 4.11 Dynamic Memory Allocation

Unit 4.12 The Preprocessor in C

Laboratory. Thursdays, 12-14h at EL8

Practice 1. Introduction to Linux Operating System
Linux Shell Tutorial     Linux Begginer's Guide
Linux Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 2. Introduction to C programming. Standard Input/Output
Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 3. Program Debugging
Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 4. Basic programming in C
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Full list (Spanish)

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