Computer Science (Informática)
English Group, Grado en Ingeniería en Electrónica y Automática Industrial

Course 2016/17
Escuela Politécnica

Universidad de Alcalá


Presentation and Program

Continuous Evaluation Grades

June 2017 Final Exam:
There will be two separate exams: Theory and Laboratory.
Each student can keep the grade obtained in the continuous evaluation for any of the parts (Theory or Lab), and attend just the exam for the other one.

Press news (Spanish)

Theory. Thursday 10-12h at SA5A (First two weeks: 10-14h)

Unit 1. Computer Structure and Functioning    

Unit 2. Information Representation

Unit 3. Operating Systems

Unit 4.1 Introduction to C programming language

Unit 4.2 Data types in C

Unit 4.3 Standard Input/Output

Unit 4.4 Operators and Expressions

Unit 4.5 Control Flow

Unit 4.6 Functions

Unit 4.7 Arrays

Unit 4.8 Pointers

Unit 4.9 Structures, Unions and Bit-Fields

Unit 4.10 Input/Output with Files

Unit 4.11 Dynamic Memory Allocation

Unit 4.12 The Preprocessor in C

Laboratory. Thursdays, 12-14h at O-L24 (starting September 29th)

Practice 1. Introduction to Linux Operating System
Linux Shell Tutorial     Linux Begginer's Guide
Linux Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 2. Introduction to C programming. Standard Input/Output
Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 3. Program Debugging
Introduction and exercises (Spanish)

Practice 4. Basic programming in C
Exercises (Spanish)

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